Metal additive manufacturing of parts by 3D Systems

Metal 3D Printers

Rethink metal part design and produce products, components and tools with reduced weight, increased functionalities and simplified assemblies. Save time, cost and part weight with high quality, precision metal manufacturing solutions comprised of integrated software, metal additive technology, certified materials and expert application support.

Deliver accurate, perfect 3D printed pastic parts with 3D Systems

플라스틱 3D 프린터

사무실에서 공장 현장에 이르기까지, 3D Systems의 플라스틱 3D 프린터는 컨셉 모델, 정밀 및 기능성 원형, 툴링용 마스터 패턴 및 성형, 실제 최종 사용 파트를 프린트해 설계를 최적화하고 워크플로를 간소화하며 훨씬 단축된 기간 내에 혁신적인 제품을 출시합니다.

Full color, 3d printed piston prototype by 3D Systems CJP additive technology

Full Color 3D Printers

From educational settings to the most demanding commercial environments, 3D Systems’ family of ProJet CJP x60 3D printers provides unparalleled, full-color 3D printing at exceptional print speeds, efficiency and low cost of operation.

3D printed wax casting patterns created using 3D Systems MJP additive platforms

Metal Casting 3D Printers

From micro-detailed to extra-large, get precision metal parts fast by 3D printing accurate, repeatable and affordable casting patterns without tooling using SLA and MJP additive manufacturing solutions.

dental partial short series landing page image

Dental 3D Printers

Find the 3D printers, materials and software that can deliver accurate, highly detailed dental prostheses, precision working models, drill guides and orthodontic thermoforming models, faster and at lower cost, with enhanced quality.