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ProJet 7000 HD 3D printers build on the unrivaled advantages of Stereolithography (SLA) allowing for single large-sized or series of smaller-sized additive manufactured prototypes and end-use parts up to 15 x 15 x 10 in (380 x 380 x 250 mm) in size. Print with fine feature detail in a wide choice of VisiJet® performance engineered materials that match or exceed traditional plastic properties.

통합된, 신뢰할 수 있는, 검증된 솔루션

The ProJet 7000 HD 3D printer from 3D Systems gives you one point of contact to support your prototyping and manufacturing applications and daily use of our gold standard technology. Our SLA printers have high uptime numbers. The broad spectrum of VisiJet SL 3D printing materials is developed on 3D Systems SLA printers. Customized to our specific print engine, the VisiJet SL materials generate the consistency and mechanical properties required of each material. Our highly intuitive software smoothly guides the user through the entire 3D print process.

Industry-leading 3D print preparation software

Access the industry-leading 3D Sprint additive manufacturing prepartion software at no charge with each SLA 3D printer to enable rapid view, repair, enhancement and automated placement of parts in preparation for 3D printing. Your enhanced design for additive manufacturing workflow begins here.

미세한 피처가 포함된 일관성 있고 정확한 부품

Parts are accurate (+/-45 μm) throughout the entire build platform, print after print, machine after machine.  Features are reproducible down to 0.050mm or 0.002 in – depending on geometry, orientation and build mode. Only 3D Systems Stereolithography 3D printers meet or exceed standard tolerances for injection-molded plastics with the broadest range of applications.


    • 진공 주조를 위한 마스터 패턴
    • Lost wax patterns for metal casting
    • 복잡한 어셈블리
    • 풍동 모델
    • Custom, robust Flow Rig production
    • 대량 사용자 정의 부품 (치아 교정, 치과용)
    • Custom assembly jigs and fixtures
  • 특징:

    • 광조형 기술(SLA)
    • 최대 제작 치수 용량
      (W x D x H): 15 x 15 x 10 ''
      (380 x 380 x 250mm)
    • 가장 높은 정밀도와 정확도 – 사출 성형의 정확도를 충족하거나 능가, CNC와 비견되는 수준
    • MDMs(Exchangeable Material Delivery Modules)
    • 경쟁사의 3D 프린터보다 최대 4배 이상 빠른 속도
    • 경쟁사의 3D 프린터보다 2.5배 높은 해상도
    • 정확한 곡선 정의를 위해 X 및 Y 방향 실제 라인 그리기
    • 부품 설정 및 생산을 위한 직관적인 올인원 소프트웨어
  • 주요 장점:

    • Multiple 3D printers in one – quick and easy material changeover
    • Single source solution (for 3d printers, materials and software)
    • 사용 편의성 - 직관적인 워크플로
    • 사출 성형의 정확도를 충족하며 CNC와 비견되는 수준
    • 낭비되는 재료 절감
    • CAD 데이터를 내부에 보관하여 지적 자산 보호  
    • 광범위한 적용 유연성
    • 어떠한 크기의 부품에서도 정교하고 미세한 피처 세부 묘사

ProJet 6000 and 7000 HD 3D printers are based on the same SLA technology set-up and user friendliness. For smaller single models, and if you do not require the print capacity of the ProJet 7000 HD, learn more about ProJet 6000 HD 3d printer.

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