Designed to meet the unique challenges faced by die makers today, Cimatron offers you a single integrated solution for die tool design and manufacturing, equipped with dedicated tool design features, a comprehensive wire EDM solution, and one of the most advanced NC programming systems available. With 30 years of experience in tool making, Cimatron is about making the best use of the expertise and resources of your tool shop to achieve quality results within the shortest possible time.

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높은 유연성

유연한 레이아웃 환경에서 점진적 다이용 스트립과 전송 다이용 별도의 스테이션을 설계합니다. 동적인 복수의 음영 뷰를 사용해 고객 사양을 포함한 그리기 템플릿을 생성하고 재사용합니다.


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