ROCK HILL, South Carolina, October 15, 2015– 3D Systems (NYSE: DDD) announced today that MirrorMe3D, a New York-based startup, is using 3DS' end-to-end digital thread for healthcare to help deliver improved patient experiences during cosmetic surgery.

Dr. Carrie Stern, a New York-based surgeon, established MirrorMe3D in order to transform the plastic surgery experience for both patients and doctors. With 3D technology, MirrorMe3D is changing the overall approach to plastic surgery consultations and treatment plans, which at present are based on standard 2D photography. Patients can now better visualize what they may look like after a plastic surgery procedure. Using full-color 3D printed before and after models, MirrorMe3D is able to provide patients with a life-like physical representation of their potential surgical outcome. These patient-specific models provide confidence and control to patients during the consultation period and serve as a valuable reference tool for plastic surgeons in the operating room. Watch a video to hear from a patient and practitioner on the impact of this 3D printing application in cosmetic surgery.

"This is a game-changer in the field of cosmetic surgery," said Dr. Stern. "3D printed models relieve a lot of the anxiety that patients have about their surgical outcome, and assist surgeons during procedures in the OR."

MirrorMe3D's innovative approach to plastic surgery is made possible by 3DS' end-to-end digital thread in healthcare. Working closely with biomedical engineers at 3DS' Healthcare facility in Golden, Colorado, 3D models are prepared for printing utilizing the latest Geomagic® Studio and Geomagic®FreeForm® software. Using 3DS' ProJet® 660 full-color printers, the high-resolution models are then printed, post-processed and shipped to the plastic surgeon's office for patient and doctor review.  

"MirrorMe3D is a perfect example of how medical professionals today are combining 3D software tools and 3D printing in order to enhance their services and provide more personalized care," said Kevin McAlea, Chief Operating Officer, Healthcare, 3DS. "From virtual surgical planning and simulation to 3D printed models, instruments and implants, our digital thread is powering the future of patient-specific healthcare."

The full benefits of 3D printed patient-specific models for plastic surgery applications will be on display in MirrorMe3D's booth at the upcoming annual meeting of the American Society of Plastic Surgery (Plastic Surgery The Meeting), October 16-20 in Boston.

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