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We expanded our Quickparts Rapid Prototyping business and changed our name to 3D Systems On Demand to better represent our upgraded suite of full-service advanced additive and subtractive manufacturing services.

  • 3D Printing (Quickparts)


    As the inventors of 3D printing, we offer the widest range of technologies and materials for rapid prototyping and 3D printing. Free online instant quoting, file management, and project tracking.

  • Engineering Services


    We provide unmatched expertise, production knowledge, and support for designers and engineers looking for additive and subtractive manufacturing services.

  • 외양 모델


    Providing highly realistic physical parts and assemblies for aesthetic review, internal evaluation, and presentations.

  • The Easiest Way to Access 3D Printing

    Our online 3D printing portal was designed by engineers for engineers. Our goal is to make the process of ordering 3D printed parts and prototypes the easiest in the industry.

    On Demand 3D Printing - File+Print+Ship
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  • FabPro 1000 배송 지역을 선택해 주십시오.
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    Global Service. Local Support.

    3D Systems On Demand manages a network of advanced manufacturing facilities around the world. Our team of application engineers provide expertise and localized support. Contact one of our offices to talk through your next project.

  • 3D Systems On Demand - Part
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    On Demand 3D Printing

    We offer customers easy access to the widest range of 3D printers and materials with 24/7 online ordering, a digital order management console, and production in as fast as one day.

    12  |  Facilities located around the world

    14  |  Different processes available

    2,000,000+  |  Parts manufactured per year

    Material Selection  |  Offering Specialty and Custom Materials


    Service & Expertise

    With more combined years of service in additive and traditional manufacturing than any other service bureau, we are driven with a relentless pursuit of turning your designs into reality. We offer a full ecosystem of manufacturing technologies including, Functional Prototypes, CNC Machining, Sheet Metal Production, Injection Molding, and Investment Casting.

    500  |  Employees worldwide

    100  |  Application engineers

    10+  |  Years of experience on average

    Complete Portfolio of Manufacturing

  • 3D Systems On Demand - Expertise
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  • 3D Systems On Demand - Appearance Model
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    외양 모델

    Appearance models turn CAD files into highly realistic physical parts and assemblies for aesthetic review, internal evaluation, trade shows and sales presentations.

    Color Matching  |  Studio RAL and Pantone Color Matching

    Functional Models  |  Marketing, Photography, Market Research

    Integrated Functions  |  Multi-Material, Lighting, Movements, Digital Screens

  • From Prototype to Production

    No other global service bureau in the industry offers the complete suite of manufacturing services the way we can. From 3D printed prototypes to final production, we provide additive manufacturing services such as Stereolithography (SLA),  Selective Laser Sintering (SLS), and Direct Metal Printing (DMP) as well as subtractive technologies, such as CNC machining, injection molding, sheet metal, and our proprietary QuickCast Investment Casting.

  • 고속 원형 제작

    Rapid Prototyping gives our customers a good idea of the look and feel of a product or part before committing to the more costly aspects of production.

  • Functional Prototyping

    Functional Prototyping goes beyond look and feel, enabling our customers to assess factors such as usability, ergonomics, manufacturability and materials testing.

  • 소량 생산

    Low-volume production reduces tooling costs, produces highly customized products, and brings products to market quickly while high-volume production molds are being completed.

  • 외양 모델

    Appearance models turn CAD files into highly realistic physical parts and assemblies for aesthetic review, trade shows and sales presentations.

  • The 3D Systems On Demand Difference

    Working with 3D Systems On Demand gives you access to one of the largest service bureaus in the industry, but what makes us unique are the people and our dedication to providing manufacturing support to the designers and engineers of the world. Making parts is our business, delivering ideas is our passion.

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  • We expanded our Quickparts Rapid Prototyping business and changed our name to 3D Systems On Demand to better represent our upgraded suite of advanced manufacturing services. We provide professional-grade online 3D printing and manufacturing services that empower designers and engineers with the tools to design, iterate, and produce quality parts directly from digital 3D files.

  • We offer more than just online 3D printing services. We provide access to a full spectrum of conventional and additive manufacturing technologies to support your teams across the entire product development lifecycle. Using 3D Systems On Demand printing service helps reduce time spent on production and product development with high-quality 3D printed, CNC machined, and injection molded parts, shipped directly from one of our many leading global production service centers.

데스크에서의 주문형 제조(ODM) 부품
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3D Systems는 3D 프린트된 금속 및 플라스틱 파트에서 CNC 가공, 사출 성형 및 주조 우레탄 모델링에 이르기까지 완벽한 주문형 부품 제조 서비스를 제공합니다. 디지털 제조 도구에 대한 인스턴트 온라인 액세스를 제공하여 업계 최고로 신속하고 믿을 수 있는 처리 시간으로 고품질 3D 프린트된 파트 및 원형을 제공합니다. 효율적인 대규모 디지털 생산 설비를 통해 오늘날 최첨단 기업 각각의 비즈니스 요구를 만족합니다.

주문형 제조(ODM) 매장
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  • 프로세스 비교 차트

  • 3D Systems On Demand Brochure

  • 3D Systems의 디지털 제조 프로세스 알아보기

    3D Systems는 아이디어를 최종 생산으로 구현하기 위해 설계자 및 엔지니어에게 필요한 모든 주요 제조 프로세스를 제공합니다. 3D Systems를 귀사의 제조 파트너로 선택하시면 업계 최고의 글로벌 네트워크에 액세스하고 40년에 가까운 3D 프린팅 및 고급 제조 솔루션 경험의 이점을 누리실 수 있습니다.

    3D Systems가 전 세계에 제공하는 3D 프린팅 및 제조 프로세스는 다음과 같습니다.

  • 광조형

    모든 3D 프린트 부품에 대한 최고의 정확성과 매끄러운 표면 마무리를 보장합니다. 수 mm 크기부터 5피트(1.5 m)에 이르고 탁월한 해상도와 정확성을 제공하며 파트의 수축 또는 휨이 없는 매우 정교한 세부 묘사가 가능한 파트를 프린트합니다.

  • 선택 레이저 소결법(SLS)

    Capable of producing highly durable and complex geometries in Nylon for real-world testing while other additive manufacturing methods may become brittle over time. Ideal for snap fits and living hinges.

  • Direct Metal Printing

    Production of high quality metal parts in a range of alloys. Allowing production of metal parts with challenging geometries, not possible using traditional subtractive or casting technologies.

  • ColorJet 프린팅(CJP)

    신속한 생산 시간을 자랑하는 풀 컬러 컨셉 모델 컬러 프린트든 표준 백색 프린트든, 파트에 클리어 코트를 추가로 칠해 단단하고 매끄럽게 코팅하거나 왁스를 칠해 부드러운 표면 마무리를 적용할 수도 있습니다.

  • FDM(Fused Desposition Modeling)

    설계 검증, 적합성 및 기능 테스트, 소규모 생산 진행, 지그 및 고정 장치에 빠르고 효과적인 공정으로, 툴링 없이 3D CAD에서 바로 열가소성 재료로 파트를 제작할 수 있습니다.

  • 주형 우레탄

    High quality parts production at low- to mid-volumes without the cost and time of hard tooling, using 3D printed masters and silicone molds that defy traditional production timelines.

  • 매몰 주조 패턴

    Rapid production of small to large 3D printed casting patterns in both SLA QuickCast and wax materials. With perfect surface finishes these patterns drop seamlessly into the investment casting workflow.

  • CNC 가공

    고속 원형 제작이든 파트 제작이든, 3D Systems는 고객의 금속 및 플라스틱 부품 요구 사항에 적합한 CNC 가공 옵션을 보유하고 있습니다.

  • 판금

    단 한 개의 원형에서 소량 생산에 이르기까지, 3D Systems는 귀사의 모든 판금 제작에 필요한 다양한 제조 방법, 재료 및 마감 옵션을 제공합니다.

  • 다이 주조물

    연속으로 프린트해도 일관성 있는 품질 관리를 유지하여 원형에서 생산까지 훨씬 빠르게 프로젝트를 진행합니다.

  • 급속 성형 부품

    타 공급업체가 제시하던 기존 성형 비용보다 훨씬 저렴한 비용에 생산급 성형 부품을 제공합니다. 빠르게 변경 가능한 성형 베이스와 서로 교체 가능한 소프트 툴링 인서트로 구성되며, 원형 및 브리지 툴링 수량에 이상적인 공구입니다.

  • 소량 사출 성형 공구 및 부품

    원형에서 생산 수량, 복수 구멍 툴링, 엄격한 공차, 오버몰딩 및 2차 성형 후 작업까지 가능합니다. 무료로 DFM(Design for Manufacturing Analysis) 보고서를 제공하여 빠르고 신뢰할 수 있는 서비스를 제공합니다.

3D Systems가 고객에게 전달하는 부품