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ProX 500 SLS Materials

With a variety of strengths, heat sensitivities, isotropic properties and more, you’re sure to find a Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) 3D nylon printing material that meets the unique needs of your rapid prototyping project. No matter what SLS material you ultimately use to create your parts, we can help you get the job done fast via SLS technology. 

  • 3d systems duraform prox fr1200 sls

    DuraForm ProX FR1200 (SLS)

    Flame retardant

  • Impact, oil, liquid and fatigue resistant additive nylon in SLS for harsh testing and product environments

    DuraForm ProX EX BLK (SLS)

    Impact and fatigue resistant plastic for harsh environments

  • 3d systems duraform af sls piston

    DuraForm ProX AF+ (SLS)

    High stiffness, aluminum-filled Nylon 12 with metallic appearance

  • ProX 500 SLS Duraform ProX 에어 덕트

    DuraForm ProX PA (SLS)

    생산 부품을 위한 강력하고 견고한 폴리아미드(나일론) 재료

  • 3D Systems DuraForm ProX HST

    DuraForm ProX HST Composite (SLS)

    섬유로 강화된 엔지니어링 플라스틱, 우수한 내열성

  • 3D Systems DuraForm ProX GF

    DuraForm ProX GF (SLS)

    뛰어난 강성을 제공하는 유리가 함유된 엔지니어링 플라스틱